It's not what you do. It's why you do it.


I wore a lot of hats at TED. I found and led cross-disciplinary teams of product and design professionals from two sides -- development (tech) and investment (media). Product strategy is my main squeeze. More recently I've been focusing on growth and strategic partnership areas. Sometimes I moonlight as event music curator, substitute stage designer, after-party DJ, and starred in various hilarious team building videos. I've spoken on the TED stage a couple of times, namely TEDxSXSW, TED2014, TED2016, and TEDxPortland, and ran numerous workshops.


The first few years at MLBAM I ran a tiny group of software engineers working on real-time apps. The tough part of that time period was getting traditional print designers to think with interactive mindset. Eventually I took on almost all of the UX design work myself. That didn't last long while also juggling managing the dev team. I ultimately jumped ship to help my boss build MLB's first product team. I was responsible for all products involving live game experiences. MLB.TV and Gameday were the major pillars, which also happened to be the biggest digital product cash cows at the time. Huge cross-team collaboration everywhere.
It was tough. It was "locker room". It was rewarding.