Wild Coast. Like, really wild.

Trance-a-thon is still going strong over here in Amapondo land. The scene composes mainly of a group of 20+ organizer/friends, a group of 15+ afrikaan early 20s who stumbled upon the flyer on NYE and decided to return, a handful of bewildered backpackers (me included), and the staff n locals.I'd say 90% of the people here are south African. This is kind of a nice surprise to see how SA folks hang out and "go on vacation" so to speak. I befriended Lee from Durban at the party. We took a stroll down the road late (2am?) for swim in the ocean. The tide was low and there was this eerie mist over the water, blending the horizon. A bright spotlight from one of the beachfront property shone into the beach, creating this orange misty glow, just enough so one can barely make way around the area. It was surreal. I later learned that only a few weeks ago a lifeguard was killed by a shark attack on this beach. The water was only knee deep. Shit. Here I was, going into knee deep water in the dark!

Armed with mere 3 hours of pseudo-sleep that was even more lackluster than bush camp, I set out the next day with Lee to visit the blow hole instead of the more involved 3-day-2-night hike. The hike would require that I hitch a ride with 3 unreliable minibus taxis back to amapondo with all my gears. The thought of that wasn't so appealing. Back to the blow hole - It's a hole in the rock off this cliff that you could hike to. When a big wave hits the cliff, the water pressure shoots a towering 30ft or so water mist thru this hole. Hard to explain, but definitely really fascinating. The hike itself was short but trecherous, with cliff propelling, vertical scrambling, monkey ladders, the whole nine. Two people have died here.

After bumbling around blow hole for a while we decide to head to the waterfall for a swim. The weather here is perfect - sunny and hot as hell during the day; cool and comfortable at night. The sangoma (resident witch doctor who appears to be on permanent LSD and wears miniskirt. He's an 70 yr old man) told us there is a path in the back about 1hr in. He neglected to say how jungly treacherous it was. We walked in, me with surf shorties and flipflops ("slops"). After many spiders, giant millepede, a steep repel, giant tangled vines, neck- high thorny grass, and probably some other stuff I prefer to not know later, we arrive at a 15ft mini fall with a small pool. It was cute but hardly worth the trek. The water was dark with weird orange glow. It was a nice way to cool off the hot afternoon sun before heading back to much needed nap.

Needless to say the nap did not happen. It was too friggin hot in the dorm bed and all the hammocks were in high foot traffic area so there was constant noise. I parked on a random couch, psych trance in the background, of course. 20 minutes in I gave up and went for a redbull instead. Necessary evil, I'd say, for the second night of trance-a- thon was already under way with zero escape.

Tonight's lee's last night so I hung around and ate some mushrooms with him and his buddy Dylan. It was pretty trippy. First time in a long time, really. I dubbed lee's dorm as "the lair". Use your imagination. He taught me quite a bit of SA slang. I might have learned even more if I could understand half the things he says. The SA accent really gets to me with some peeps.

Highlights of the nights:
*At one point someone trip the power and all the lights n sound went off. For a moment there I heard silence and saw a sea of stars. Much needed, but way too short. The power came back quick and they were at it all over again.

*there was a beautiful hippie mum with a cute 3 yr old daughter there. The kid's half Thai and super cute. Though I wonder how her mom's nomadic lifestyle will affect her in the long run. I'd sometime see them sleeping on the couch together by the dancefloor speakers late in the night. Occasionally the child's eyes would be wide open with such a hollow blank stare into space.

*Met some cool peeps. Vince is American. Super chill. Sultan is from Italy. We will be having lunch together and maybe go to Xhosa village later at some point. Gary is south African. Pretty cool cat, though a bit aggressive in trying to get with me. And then there's Candice. At one point i felt like I met a person who shares every aspects of my spirit. She loves travel, is a foodie, loves all things design, has multi cultural exposures, loves house music, super articulate, values human equality, and totally treasures her independence. We traded contact info. I hope she comes to visit NYC.

Toyed around with the idea of hitching a ride with lee's crew up to Durban and check out the beach city. Would be cool to get to surf a bit and be away from trance-a-thon. Haven't fully decided. Logistics would have to be rearranged again. Everyone seem to be recommending different things. Also feeling like I might intrude. :-/

It is 6am and I just watched the sun rise from behind the cliffs, again, out of necessity. Pink clouds with baby blue sky. Would really be lovely if I had the energy to appreciate it. Music is still blasting big time and it is starting to get to me mentally and physically. I guess noise pollution is the closest I can describe it. It seems the only people who can sleep through this are the ones that are so drugged out that they just passed out. And there are loads of them scattered everywhere. There is one more day of this constant noise. I really should migrate elsewhere to save my own sanity.

There is also no power outlet anywhere in the dorm. Charging electronics is a fight. Only 4 outlets are available amongst everyone in the reception area. My iPhone is about to die soon.