What do you love most about photography?

(photo credit: me, damn it. perito merino glaciar, el calafate, argentina - 2009)

A picture represents your point of view - how you see the world. Every single one is unique.

A picture captures the beauty of what is there so you can remember everything else about it that is invisible to the eyes.

A picture is a creative outlet - one can make the smallest things larger than life, and the largest things minuscule.

A picture is a piece of memory. Your memory, as well as how others remember you by.

A picture is objective and subjective all at the same time.

A picture lets you see places you've never been. Even places mankind have never been. It expands our imagination and ignites our curiosity.

A picture exposes one truth.

Thanks, dad, for giving me the first camera and enabling me to explore, create, and remember. In true Randy Pausch spirit, you've enabled my dreams long after you are gone.

To all who I've given a camera to - it is because I love you more than you know.

Happy world photography day (Aug 19).