The Middle East is on my mind

The company policy mandates that everyone takes the same two weeks off in the summer. This is great and not great at the same time. Great in a sense that you are pretty much guaranteed to not be road blocking anyone while you're away. No emails, no text messages, no emergency situations. You're off. Not great in a sense that if you, like me, would rather travel in the winter time or with other people, then the scheduling becomes a tad annoying. That is to say you can't go any other time. Bummer. I just got back from a string of traveling recently (CO, UT, CO, CA, BKK). I'll write about BKK when time allows. That one requires a full night's dedication. The rest are straight-up snowboarding trips with nothing profound to speak of other than self-loathing improvements in the park (heyo! - the end). It's really nice to be at home, sleep in my own bed, and frolic with mr. B. The snowy snafu happening this season doesn't really help with travels anyway. But like every addicted nomad, the next fix is always on my mind. TED conference is happening at the end of February, which will land me west side of the continent again - this time Palm Springs. It should be really fun. I look forward to being immersed in the desert-oasis landscape. Will also squeeze in Joshua Tree camping too if I can wing it. But that's local. Nothing in America excites me the same way international travel does. There is something to be said about exploring cultures and people who are very different from you. It widens your perspective and make you feel humble about your existence, your beliefs, your happiness, and your miseries. I want to go far, like really far. But far not in terms of distance. Far in terms of cultural and value similarities between "there" and "here". Somewhere that will challenge my values, make me aware of my foot print, and puts me in the uncomfortable zone of the unknown. I feel that is where I bloom. Middle East, you are on my mind.
Thaniya KeereepartComment