The day before

Prepping for a big trip typically requires multiple days of thinking, arranging, planning, and possibly maybe doing laundry. Given that the biggest trip of my life was pretty much planned in 4 hours - just 2 days before departure, it should come at no surprise that packing for it probably will take about more/less the same. The only items I still need to grab at the store are military grade binoculars (which may be borrowed instead if I can wing it), and a light rain jacket (old one lost in Argentina). Oh ya, and guess I'll still need a confirmation as to who on earth is going to pick this little asian girl up from the local airport in Hoespruit. Small details..

For those following without previous context: I'm thaniya. I'm one of those cats who can't seem to sit still in one place. NYC is my home. The world is my back yard (so long as I can afford it). Never one to keep a proper travel journal tho. I'm more a picture person. Tomorrow I'm heading out to South Africa to work for 2 weeks at a private game reserve. Why? Why not? :) Always dreamed of being one of those scientists out in the field ever since I was little. Got some time off between careers. Might as well go epic. 

This post is also a test post so I can see if I can hook up my email to posterous and also to facebook so I can send updates from the jungle via iphone 3G with minimal data hit.