TEDGlobal 2011: Notable Quotables

(Photo: the awesomest Duncan Davidson for TED Conferences)

Hello from Edinburgh, Scotland. It's day 3 of 7 here at TEDGlobal event. It's been 24/7 non-stop work so far. Haven't seen much of the town yet but I did see a lot of the talks this time around.

Here is a collection of some notable quotes:

"You fear what you don't know and you hate what you fear." - Nadia Al-Sakkaf

"The future is no power plants, no grid. Electricity is free. How? By gaining control of the simple electron" - Justin Hall-Tipping

"The left has not saved us from poverty; the right has not delivered us into prosperity" - Phillip Bond

"If Americans want to live the American dream, they should move to Denmark." - Richard Wilkinson

 "Men tells twice as many lies as women" - Marco Tempest

"How attractive you find someone rests critically on who you think you're looking at" - Paul Bloom

"Race has no basis in biological or scientific fact ... Race is an illegitimate concept which comes from our sense of self." - Thandie Newton

"Who is a Professional? A professional is someone with a combination of confidence, competence and belief." - Bunker Roy

Top favorites talk so far:

Maajid Nawaz

Balasz Havasi

Justin Hall-Tipping

Bunker Roy

Alain De Button

Paul Bloom


Top moments:

Learning about the art of making a bolognese sauce.

Coffee Commons (every cup)

Chatting with Saeed about his documentary on Western Saharan ultra-marathoners.

Spotting a princess at the bar. huh?