Hello Africa

It is hot as hell here.


The 14.5 hour flight was rather mind numbing. After watching 500 days of summer (cute) and up (mildly over the top), I was still only half way there. Thanks, mom, for the sleep gene.

Funny convo on board:

"Mam, is that an iphone?"

"Yes. It's on airplane mode"

"Mam. FAA regulation prohibits use of cell phone aboard flights"

"I know. That's why I have it on airplane mode. This way it just works like a regular ipod"

"Mam. I know the differences between ipod, ipod touch, and ipod shuffle. You are going to have to turn that off and put it away"

"I do?"



Of course the thing turned back on right after the guy left. Connecting flight was painless. Pick-up at airport in Hoedspruit was a tad bit misaligned but nothing to cry about. I haven't gotten to the reserve yet. We are running around in the town of Hoedspruit right now, doing the internet, getting cash, and picking up some beers. Priorities, priorities. The town is TINY. The airport was also TINY. It was more like someone's living room that it was an airport. People seem to all know each other and are generally nice. There are suppose to be 4 volunteers right now. I've only met one: Alex from New Zealand. I think there is an Aussie, a Brit, and a Canadian in the mix. Love that everyone flies solo here. Tho I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss NYC winter. Holy mama, it is hot as hell here. Claudia (leader) said it gets even hotter at the reserve. She said I could switch to do 1 week of research assistance and 1 week of Siyafundi Bush thing, which I think is wilderness survival skills and sleeping out in the Bush. Sounds fun. After Makalali I think I'll either head into Kruger or hitch a van down towards Blyde Canyon thru Sabie and catch some waterfall/canyoneering action. They call it kloofing here.

I don't think there is internet at the reserve. Trips into Hoedspruit happen on Mondays so that's when u'll see some pics, I imagine. I'll be posting text over GSM when I can in the meantime. The signal here is better than ATT at home (not surprise).

Oh ya, saw a mongoose already. Right outside the airport. Wild.

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