funeral for a ninja

Lala's days are numbered. Apple bought
one of internet's most prolific, well-executed music site in recent
times (in my humble opinion, of course). In classic
big-fish-eat-little-fish form, it decides to shut Lala's doors "in
hope of creating an equally awesome if not better experience for". For us little consumers the best case scenario is Apple
keeps it real and make something wonderful out of the acquisition. The
worst case scenario would be a total bastardization of something
sub-par to the original spirit of Lala. We shall see. Regardless,
farewell my little Lala.

To commiserate the occasion I'd like to share a wonderful compilation
aptly named "funeral for a ninja". Aside from being a solid mix of
tunes peppered with just the right amount of funk and upbeat
enthusiasm, the list was put together by an Apple employee from the
iTunes dept. I don't know this person, but he does have good taste. :)


Track list:

Time to Wander - Gypsy & The Cat, Joan of Arc

Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap

Get Better John - Mux Mool

Something Good Can Work - The Twelves, Two Door Cinema Club

David - The Radio Dept

Empire Ant - Gorillaz

Heaven's On Fire - The Radio Dept

Vox Populi - Lifelike, Jupiter