Lucked out big time. Had a really bad center seat surrounded by a giant family. I'm not kidding when I say giant. There must have been 7 kids. All things considered, a playground on the plane beats bad B.O. and fat people any day. The dad offered his aisle seat so he can herd them and I can keep my sanity. Lady sitting next to me seems cool too. May be I'll make an effort with my single serving friend.

Given how expensive data tranfer will be once I'm over there, posterous will be the only channel I'll post travel logs on. Prolly won't post pics unless there is wifi.

Flight time: 14.5 hours. I am equipped. Us weekly, lonely planet south Africa, toothbrush, and the ever comfy Burton flight hoodie with built- in inflatable pillows. Gonna blast the new IRM album in hope of masking screaming children aboard. (big ups to Aaron for such a sick set)

Oh yea, the language spoken by most on board here is really interesting. Never heard it before. Beautiful ebbs n flows in the intonation. Wonder if it's Afrikaan (sp?).

Taking off now. Catch you kids below the tropics of capricorn.