Surf video

It all started with a series of instagram photos of me at the Rockaways at 7am weekday mornings having a blast. On a good day I'd wake up a little earlier than usual to catch sunrise session. It's pretty normal for surfers to do this, but less so for someone like me living in NYC. One day my coworkers flagged me down and said "hey, do you mind if we follow you one day?". "To where?" I said.. "To where you go surf!" ... Uh... ok.

What transpired was an hour long interview that helped shape the narrative of this little short video.  Mind you the day we went out to film there was basically zero waves, which made me look even more like a poser. 

Created by the ever-talented Angela Cheng and Roxanne Hai. Supported in parts by Ryan Lash, Diane Russo, and Janet Lee. Starring yours truly and the handsome Mr. Burton. This is the only moment Burton and I are captured on film together. Possibly one of the best gift anyone could give me. 

This is rough cut 1: