Strategic partnership: Google

Google and TED collaborate on many levels. I lead the liaison with the Android team, the Play team, the Speech team, and the Hardware team (was Chromecast, now Google Home).  Over the years we've done a lot of amazing work with Google teams.

This was for the re-launch of Google's effort to get into the big screen. AndroidTV featured TED in Time Square's largest display over the holiday season in 2014 for two straight weeks. The project also had Google technology team utilizing TED AndroidTV app as the demo app on their world-wide workshops that year.



TED was awarded Best App of the Year twice.


Google donated over 1,000 Google Home device in the gift bag for TED2016 attendees, provided funding for voice-based development for TED, as well as sponsored the award-winning TEDConnect app for attendee networking.

I'm somewhat bummed that I'll be missing out on early stage discussion on potential use of TensorFlow machine learning to derive talk sentiments.