Gamification workshop

Gamification is fusion of art and science. You need a combination of emotional concepts (fun, play, experiences) and measurable and sustainable results. I've been interested in gamification in product design for quite some time. When Earo Saarinen designed the iconic womb chair in the late 70s he described the emotional resonance of how he wants the sitter to feel: like being cocooned in warm embrace. When design affords emotional resonance it becomes familiar. Gamification takes this principle one step further by encouraging design to not only resonate, but to drive specific behavior or outcome. The most successful example of this online is the "like" button in social platforms. I co-hosted this workshop with our Director of Talent.


The workshop covers basic principles of gamification and provide structure for a hands-on team work. Each group is given a challenge. Using gamification the team is tasked to come up with ways to get citizens in a community to participate.