The secret of successful redesign


A project like rebuilding your entire digital presence requires careful maneuvering when the product is released to the public. Our strategy focused not only on the product itself, but also how the new stuff gets revealed. Change management is often overlooked in fast paced iterative development, but it is extremely crucial for big launches such as TED 2.0 project. Here are the key steps: 

1. Assign a launch project owner that can marry brand / PR work with release schedule.

2. Create scarcity. Build an invite-only program to let people peek at things not yet released. Bugs are forgiven. We get a scaled up real-world test feedback. People generate buzz on their own. Fans of TED feels loved. 

3. Tell the builder story. Launched to annotate the trials and tribulation of the project. This transparency-first approach spotlights the humans behind product decisions. It provides ground for meaningful feedback and create empathy.

4. Make it special. Rally everyone you know, from super-spreader, influencer, publicists, speakers, commenters, and all those in the active TED community to celebrate the launch moment.

5. Leave the old site up for those unwilling to switch over (for a while). Having an 'opt-out' to the new site ensure we don't get permanent drop-off in fans just from the redesign.

6. Be nimble and ready to react to unforeseen changes from early adopters.


Thanks @BenjieMoss for the article, and the good peeps on @Twitter for the shout-outs.

Thanks @BenjieMoss for the article, and the good peeps on @Twitter for the shout-outs.