Strategic partnership: Rolex

Rolex came on board to become TED's premier partner early. In 2010 I worked with our Director of Partnerships to pitch a collaboration that ultimately led to Rolex underwriting all of TED's effort in mobile & platforms for 7 years. At that time the world was still in awe with iPhone, and iPad was freshly introduced for the first time ever.

The "Inspired Me" feature was conceived on the premise that Rolex doesn't want to simply be a logo on an app, but to truly provide value to TED's audience. I sketched out how we could incorporate the notion of "time" as a factor for searching for inspiration. This became very successful (featured at Cannes, etc) that Rolex extended the partnership to support as well.

Here's an early sketch I did of the feature on the phone.

Today the relationship remains strong. One of my last project was on working with Rolex to conceive an interactive story-telling on the new Amazon Alexa voice platform. The idea is to create intelligent content that covers real-world ethics that the audience can participate, not just by listening like a podcast, but by being immersed as the actor in the story. This work is currently in progress at the time I left TED.